Customer Service:
Centralized Tracking System
    The CenTraS web-based application implements the following features:
  • Placement and tracking of orders
  • Calculation of material consumption for product manufacturing
  • Generation of unique products including weight, material type etc
  • Production control with the use of bar codes
  • Generation and printing of invoices
  • Generation and printing of reports based on various criteria
  • Storage and lookup of contact information for businesses and private individuals
  • Advanced search for required information (contacts, materials, products, orders etc.) in the generated database
    This application is developed for jewelry production industry. However, it can be customized for other production types at customer's request. To use this application, you need the following components:
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Bar Code reader
  • Bar Code printer
Analysis of tomographic images
    The "DISMED" module is intended for definition of geometric parameters in tomogram or X-ray characteristic zones and makes it possible to perform the following operations:
  • Calculation of real scale in which this tomogram photo is made
  • Determination of the threshold value separating soft tissues from hard ones
  • Edge analysis and area identification
  • Axis of symmetry finding in the given area
  • Estimation of distances between marked curves
  • Search for conventional symmetric points relative to the found axisi
    Determination of required distances between characteristic zones in tomography
Modeling of Dental Implant Systems
    The tooth-implant-parodont model was generated and methods were developed to calculate the deflected mode of the jaw bone. Calculation results make it possible to select appropriate construction type of the implants themselves as well as dental prostheses supported by the implants.